Velta Construction Extends Contract with Gigaclear to Empower Communities with Comprehensive Broadband Solutions

At Velta Construction, we are delighted to announce the extension of our contract with Gigaclear, a leading provider of fast and reliable broadband services. This partnership renewal underscores our commitment to bridging the digital divide and empowering areas with comprehensive broadband solutions.

Since 2010, Gigaclear has been on a mission to unlock the potential of poorly-served communities by delivering fast and reliable broadband directly to people’s homes. At Velta, we share this vision and are proud to not only install new broadband infrastructure but also facilitate its maintenance.

In addition to installing new broadband infrastructure, we are dedicated to ensuring its ongoing upgrades and reliability. Our comprehensive approach to broadband solutions means that communities can not only access high-speed internet but also rely on its consistent performance.

The contract extension with Gigaclear signifies a continued commitment to innovation and progress in broadband infrastructure development. Through collaborative efforts, Velta Construction and Gigaclear aim to make a lasting impact on communities, ensuring they have access to reliable and high-speed internet connectivity.